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Aviation Safety Management Software

Airport SMS Implementation & Startup

SMS Pro can assist your airport safety management team in implementing our airport safety management software from beginning to end. Your portal is ready to use within two business days after initial payment.

Initial Airport SMS Implementation Services Offered as Part of Setup

Needs Assessment
Our needs assessment helps assess special requirements to implement your airport's safety management software. Our assessment will provide airport managers a configuration profile based on your airport's size, geographic nature (more than one airport in group) and functional organization. Airports with fewer than 80 to 100 employees typically have only one division. Larger airports may have multiple divisions, such as operations, facilities, administration and maintenance.

Airport authorities may have multiple airports with each airport having their own portal or being either a division inside a parent airport safety portal.

State Safety Programs (SSPs) may also have special needs as to how their system will be configured.
Airport Safety Program Design & Requirements
Airports may require special configuration and customizations to the Web-based airport safety management software. In these cases, NWDS safety software professionals work with you to determine the appropriate modifications that might be required.

We review your business processes and determine whether the software modifications may help you best achieve your return on investment and improve safety. NWDS' design review process is simple and straight forward.

Our communication with your airport safety team is clear, concise and timely to ensure your airport management understands and approves system modifications before they are made.
Data Conversion & system integration
NWDS has over ten years of experience converting legacy data from existing and disparate safety databases of many different types.

We also can create connections to Human Resources and payroll systems. NWDS can easily pull existing data into our airport safety management software and also create integrations with existing systems. NWDS will provide you with data conversion plans and data integration plans that are easy to follow.

NWDS will work with your airport IT staff to ensure all your airport's data integration and data conversion needs are met.
Web Database & Software Configuration & Customizations
Based on your airport's functional needs and system requirements, NWDS can configure and customize the SMS Pro airport safety management software to meet your airport's specific business needs.

We provide your airport staff an opportunity to test and accept custom software modules to make sure we have met your design and system requirements.

We can also provide documentation on all our modifications, including training videos.
Airport Safety Portal Set up
For each airport, we typically set up a unique portal with a dedicated URL. This airport safety portal is accessible only to your airport employees. Each airport may have a separate portal, or optionally, airport authorities may choose to have smaller airports act as divisions of the larger airport safety program. In these cases, SMS Admins can choose whether personnel in other airports can access or share data. Having other airports configured as divisions works well when airport share similar:

- Policies;
- Safety Documents and forms.

When an airport has more than 100 employees, we recommend that this airport has its own safety portal.

Management portals can also be configured to manage the safety programs of other airports. The benefits of management portals are that authorized personnel can get real time reports of all related airports. Child portals (other airports) cannot access data from other airports; however, management portals can monitor safety activities of all portals in real-time.

For each airport safety portal, NWDS support staff configures the modules to match your plan and number of users purchased by your airport. Once your airport safety portal is set-up, you can configure site details yourself including departments, users, hazard reporting forms, and email notification settings. We are always available to assist your airport SMS Admins with system configuration and customization.