Duty Officer Log

The Duty Officer Log module is fantastic QMS and SMS integrated module that allows you to document all of the various things that happen in your company. It is integrated with the Issue Manager, allowing you to document quality incidents and then incorporate those incidents into the safety process should it be needed. 

Checklist Manager

The checklist manager is a great QMS and SMS integration tool used to create and assign recurring checklists for needed operational and safety tasks. This module is integrated with the safety manager.

Issue Viewer By Occurrence Date

Use this module for data mining issues based on occurrence date. You can easily see seasonal, yearly, or monthly trends by searching for issues by their date. 

Vendor Vehicle PDFs

The Vendor Vehicle PDFs module allows you to send URL links to Vendors so that they may see issues that are related to them. These issues are generated based on associations in the Issue Manager when a manager links a Vendor or Vehicle in the Classify tab, or during issue submittal when a user selects an associated vendor. 

Lost and Found

Airports and aircraft are busy places. People lose things all the time. Keeping track of lost items and returning them to their owners will set you apart from most airports and airlines, and provide outstanding customer service. Moreover, it increases efficiency of your workforce by allowing your employees to spend less time searching for and tracking lost items. With the lost and found module, lost-item information is documented in one easy to access place across multiple locations. 

Hazard Reporting

Hazard reporting software offers many benefits over a paper based system and reduces risk management time tremendously. Documentation also remains in one centralized location. SMS Pro's aviation hazard reporting software provides employees a group of pre-defined, user-friendly online hazard reporting forms for reporting aviation-related hazards, accidents and incidents concerning equipment, work sites, manufacturing facilities (for aircraft manufacturers) and airports. SMS Pro's reported hazard list is managed by safety managers using the Web based interface. Safety managers assign reported hazards, incidents and accidents to responsible department heads, who then send corrective action request notifications to other managers or employees within their sphere of influence. Once employees have completed corrective/preventive actions (CPAs), the Web based aviation safety management system updates reported issues indicating the hazardous conditions assigned to their specific equipment or facility have been mitigated.

User Accounts

Managing user accounts can be a painful proposition for any aviation safety management program. Fortunately, SMS Pro allows your SMS Admins to manage users, group them together, and apply security permissions with ease. Any SMS Admin with a mouse can manage users in SMS Pro - if you let them. It's that easy.

Safety Workspace

Safety Workspace is the old User Dashboard in SMS Pro.  Users find safety items that relate to them personally, such as their:
  • Reported Issues;
  • Assigned Issues; and
  • Assigned Tasks and Corrective/Preventive Actions;
Safety Workspace is also a place where users find Safety Manager information and the CEO Commitment to Safety.

SMS Induction Manager

During the second phase of an ICAO compliant SMS implementation plan, one of the steps requires that your airline or airport delivers training relevant to your reactive risk management processes. What does this mean? In short, you need to provide employees training on how to report issues, how your safety program functions and what their purpose is in regards to the entire SMS implementation plan. SMS Induction Manager documents that users have received this training in a very flexible manner. All initial SMS training can be done with little effort on the part of the safety manager. Auditors love this module because they can see your users have been inducted into your SMS program (and which users have not!).

Issue Manager

SMS Pro ensures all documentation related to reported issues are stored in a central location. Auditors love SMS Pro's most complete risk management framework. This module forms the heart of your professional, Web based aviation safety management system. At the very core, you will need issue reporting (Issue Reporting module); risk management (Issue Manager module); and reporting tools (Risk Analysis Charts). These three modules form the heart of your aviation safety management program.

Executive Dashboard

SMS Pro helps airlines, airports & aviation maintenance organizations realize ROI from their data investments. Many improvements added in 2014, like advanced usage tracking, expiring user training and qualifications, locations of incidents and more.

Most Flexible Dashboard in Any Aviation Safety Management Software

With the suite of analytical tools that SMS Pro Dashboard offers, you’ll be able to create reports at the drop of a hat & receive up-to-the-minute analysis of all areas of your airline or airport operations. Interactive dashboard allows users to customize their own dashboards on-the-fly by dragging and dropping charts and grids.

Message Board

Message Boards are fundamental tools that are required in every aviation safety management system to communicate safety messages. The most basic message board is the announcement board where safety notices are either penned or posted. Message Boards are highly visible tools that ensure employees can come to a single location to find relevant information regarding operational and environmental changes. This Web-based module ensures users are getting your messages and proves to management and auditors that your safety communications are being digested.

Email Reporting - IMAP

Not every stakeholder should have access to your Web-based aviation safety management software program. Customers, vendors, partner companies and temporary workers are usually excluded from having accounts in the safety portal. However, the lack of user accounts should not exclude these stakeholders from participating in your airline or airport's safety program. These stakeholders have a responsibility to report issues and the easiest way to report issues is by email. Users with smart phones can compose emails and send them even when they do not have Internet Access. Emails in offline mode move to the Outbox. When Internet connectivity returns, emails are automatically sent.

Proactive Hazard Analysis Tool (PHAT)

Systematically identifying hazards includes thinking about hazards in particular work areas of the airline or airport's area of operations, specific tasks and processes. Proactive hazard analysis must be ongoing, as operational changes can mean a new hazard is created. As hazards are identified, risk scenarios are created using realistic scenarios should the hazard manifest itself. Risk scenarios are risk assessed using the same risk matrix as in Issues Manager. Control measures are identified and if the risk is not tolerable, then additional control measures are adopted. Residual risk assessments determine whether the risk is now tolerable. Systems are described using either the 5M or SHELL templates.

Implementation Plan Manager

Implementation plans are commonly created after performing the gap analysis. Most operators use the ICAO SMS implementation plan to schedule their safety program's implementation. SMS Pro's SMS Implementation Plan Manager is configurable and has many great features to communicate progress to all managers.

Custom Report Viewer

Frequently, managers need a data dump of common reports that can be exported to MS Excel or PDF. This reporting module is easily customizable and should an airline or airport need a custom report added, SMS Pro support staff can accommodate the request using this module.

Custom Reports include:
  • List of Portal Investigations;
  • All Portal Tasks;
  • Overdue Tasks;
  • Issues Flagged for Auditor;
  • All Users' Contact Info;
  • and more.
If you need a custom report, contact SMS Pro support staff.

KPI Trend Monitoring

SMS Pro's KPI Trend Monitoring module allows your operation to normalize your KPIs against industry norms or others in your industry sector. Standard statistical analysis compares KPI performance over time and charts detail trends for each Key Performance Indicator (KPI). KPIs are managed in the Issue Manager and come into play each time Safety Managers classify reported issues.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is a process through which your airline or airport compares its actual performance to its expected performance to determine whether it is meeting regulatory expectations. SMS Pro has many industry recognized gap analysis models to choose from, including ICAO, FAA (preliminary & detailed), Transport Canada, IS-BAO and a combined gap analysis. Export and PDF capability allows consultants to use this tool with their daily SMS consulting and mentoring activities. Progress reports and graphs illustrate continuous improvement in major areas.

Document Manager

Documents in every airline and airport are usually documented, managed, archived and obsoleted. Managing these processes is called document management and the name of the required process is document management system. Large airlines and airports have their own documentation workflow processes. Other operators require a Web-based, intuitive document manager to manage version controlled documents in a secure manner. SMS Pro's document manager notifies users when documents change and much more.

Hazard Register

Proactively identifying significant hazards must include feedback from staff and be performed regularly. Systematically identifying hazards includes thinking about hazards in particular work areas of the airline or airport's area of operations, specific tasks and processes. Proactive hazard analysis must be ongoing, as operational changes can mean a new hazard is created. Regularly check and investigate staff reports of injuries, near-misses, and reports of pain and discomfort to identify and manage the hazards involved. Results of this proactive hazard analysis is fed automatically into the hazard register, where hazards can be ranked subjectively to promote safety.

Safety Article Training Library

Manage and monitor your recurrent training with this popular module. It allows you to create recurrent training requirements for individual user roles that is non repetitiveand allows you to choose training that interests them within the requirements set my management. The module is complete with an abundance of preloaded SMS Pro training articles, and allows you to easily add your own resources as well. 

Managers can recommend, hide or add additional safety articles based on their preferences. Automatically tracks and documents employee activities to ensure all employees receive their required recurrent SMS training.

Training & Qualifications

The Training and Qualifications Module provides a means for operators to manage employee training and qualification requirements.

Companies need tools to document and manage the training and qualification requirements of employees requiring special skills and qualifications, and to be notified of expiring training. This module provides that functionality.

The three key work items are T&Q Items, Roles and Positions, and Schedule Items.

Flight Duty Limitations

Flight and Duty Time Limitations (FTL) are necessary to ensure that pilot and mechanic fatigue does not endanger flight safety. The configurable flight duty limitations module is suitable for tracking time for pilots, flight attendants and maintenance personnel. Automated notifications alert management of approaching breaches. Breaches are entered into SMS Pro's risk management framework.

FAA Airport Self Inspection

At airports certificated under 14 CFR part 139, the self-inspection program is a key component of an airport operator’s airport certification program and is required under Part 139.327. An effective self-inspection program enables an airport operator to operate in compliance with Part 139 standards on a day-to-day basis. This module submits abnormalities as issues to be managed in SMS Pro's risk management framework. Inspections are setup to be performed twice each day.

Daily Email Notifications

Automated email notifications are sent to your users when they have overdue items, such as audits, corrective preventive actions or assigned issues. When users have unread messages, they can also receive automated email notifications alerting them there are unread messages that need to be signed off. SMS Admins configure which users receive these daily email reminders.

Risk Assessment Tool

When one considers mission risk assessments in aviation safety management systems, the mind naturally wanders over to the Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT). SMS Pro provided the first web-based flight risk assessment tool in the industry that is based on the FAA's paper based risk assessment tool. Clients asked us to provide a Risk Assessment Tool that can be used for other applications, such as maintenance, hazmat trucking missions and medical procedures. This is what the Risk Assessment Tool offers. Completely customizable and able to work with IPads and all devices in both online and offline mode. Synchronize with SMS Pro's database when Internet connectivity is restored.

Management of Change

Airlines and airports have operations that are considerably more complex than most businesses and the safety of millions of people each day is at stake. For airlines and airports, implementing change can be as simple as changing the brand of oil in equipment or sophisticated as changing aircraft series, routes or changes in management. For more complicated changes, there must be formally documented processes describing the routine strategies for managing change. The Management of Change module allows users to initiate change requests that can be accepted by management. Templated procedures ensure managers follow a well defined process that is repeatable.

Escalation Scheduler

Safety managers are often at the same level or lower in the corporate hierarchy as the dept heads that are assigned issues. Safety managers have a tough job to do: convince upper level managers to address and close their corrective preventive actions in a timely manner. Frequently, upper level managers are too busy to get everything done. Occasionally, these managers simply neglect documenting the treatment of corrective preventive actions in your safety program. SMS Pro's Escalation Scheduler keeps track of the performance of dept heads. When issues are not managed properly, automated escalation notices are sent to configured email addresses, which typically represent the safety committee.

Risk Analysis Charts

The most well known industry for understanding risk management processes is the insurance industry. Their profit stems from their shrewd analysis of risk and understanding the types of risk in their specialty areas. While your risk identification process doesn't have to be as refined as an insurance company, you will still have to understand the fundamentals of what is risk analysis and how the analysis of risk is important in not only saving lives, but also protecting assets and property. Safety managers have several important tasks when issues are reported into the safety program, namely risk assessment and classification of reported issue. Without classifying issues, your airline or airport's management team will not be able to maximize the benefits of your safety program. Easy to use drill down charts allow any manager to perform their risk analysis without undergoing detailed training.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics covers a broad discipline that uses statistics, modeling, machine learning and data mining to analyze current and historical data from your airline or airport's safety program. Predictive Analysis module analyzes historic data that safety managers have categorized and provides not only a rate of change, but allows managers to enter a prediction for a future period. Managers' predictions are saved and estimated rates of changes are computed based on the entered predictions. One can enter filters to fine tune the predictive analysis engine.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager supports fully paperless meeting automation. Users easily schedule meetings and send agenda notes to attendee groups. All phases of the meeting life-cycle are managed using Meeting Manager, from initial meeting scheduling and logistics, through to the publishing and archiving of meeting minutes. Reminders can be sent before meetings, or alternatively, users can import the meeting notice into their Outlook calendars. PDFs are generated for both meeting announcements and meeting minutes, thereby easily allowing auditors to review your meetings using a single mouse click. Great for online meetings and conference rooms where all users can easily observe agendas and meeting minutes in real time.

Safety Case

Regulatory agencies assesses safety cases and "accept" safety cases when control and mitigating measures set out in the document demonstrate that risks will be reduced to as low as is reasonably practicable. Once Safety Cases are accepted, an auditor typically visits operational facilities to monitor the application of the safety cases in practice. In short, are you practicing what you preach, similar to the implementation of your SMS manual. Safety Cases require considerable effort and should be structured in a logical, easily repeatable format. SMS Pro's Safety Case Manager is easy to use and manage online.

Audit Suite

Audits and inspections are an important safety assurance function. To perform an audit or inspection, one needs a checklist to evaluate organizational performance. Audit Form Manager allows managers to create custom forms that can be used in the Audit Scheduler. Scheduled audits are then conducted in the Audit Form Manager module and managed by audit team leaders who notify responsible managers when the audit is ready for acceptance. Audit findings and concerns are automatically fed into SMS Pro's risk management framework where Corrective Action Plans are generated and emailed to stakeholders.

Employee Performance Monitor

Use this module to monitor and assess any employee's safety performance. If you are an employee, you can see how management is evaluating your performance, and whether or not you are meeting your company's standards. 

Report Email Storage

SMS Pro serves as a great repository for all safety related data, especially for reported issues, which may be accidents, incidents or potential hazards. When safety managers and dept heads are managing issues, they may be corresponding with third parties via email. These third parties may be equipment providers, maintenance support personnel, vendors or civil aviation authorities. When correspondence is handled outside the SMS Pro framework, there must be a way to easily attach this correspondence to reported issues. Issue Manager has an "Attachments" tab for all sorts of documents. Using the Report Email Storage module, safety managers can forward emails and their attachments to an SMS Pro email sever. SMS Pro recognizes the sender and the reported issue and then attaches the email as a file for later retrieval.

Performance Monitor

Dashboards filled with real-time KPI indicators allow executives to see the current state of the SMS program. Safety performance measures provide a means for communicating goals, objectives and for motivating your airline or airport to achieve a common purpose. So what are your key performance indicators? Performance monitor displays the latest statistics next to goals and objectives to easily see whether your performance is in line with your goals. Trending charts are also available to get a quick 30,000 view of reporting trends.

Goals & Objectives

Goals and objectives should be communicated to the organization. When goals and objectives are visible and the status of these goals and objectives are publicly displayed, airline and airport employees are more inclined to taking these goals and objectives seriously. Goals and objectives modules allows managers to set and track goals and objectives and to easily communicate these goals and objectives to all stakeholders.

Lessons Learned Library

Collecting, sharing and most importantly learning from the hard won lessons of safety related events is the thing which helps airline and airport employees possess an enhanced safety awareness and improved risk management within your organization. Traditionally this has always been very difficult to achieve with airline and airport managers naturally shy to talk about any safety issues in their area of operations. More often the dusty investigation reports are unavailable for easy use by other employees entering the industry and the organization.  Most safety management systems have been very poor in this regard and most not even offering a Lessons Learned capability with safety issues remaining silo-ed within the department and investigations often archived on completion. Lessons Learned Library makes this information available to all users and serves as a great training and safety promotion utility.

Customize Settings

An aviation safety management software must be configurable by managers without IT support. Custom Settings allows SMS Admins to configure map settings, date/time formatting, email routing, permissions, types of reports to show, and much more.

SMS Pro is based on portals, divisions and departments. Users belong to divisions and SMS Admins can configure unique security settings based on organizational needs.

Risk Impact Trending Charts

Trend analysis charts usually show changes in one or more Y variables over time. The X axis may be months, years, or any combination of date-time. Filters can be applied for divisions and types of concern, such as safety, security, quality or compliance.

Emergency Drills

Emergency Drills and Exercises are essential for airlines and airports to train for, assess, practice, and improve performance in simulated, risk-free environments. Airlines and airports commonly use drills and exercises to prevent incidents and accidents and to protect people and assets in the event that such events manifest themselves. 

Risk Exposure

Throughout the life of your SMS program, you will notice that your apparent risk exposure changes. These changes may be due to improved hazard reporting culture, different operating procedures or changes in operating environment. A useful tool is the Risk Exposure graph which allows managers to get real-time reports on the severity of reported issues over time. Filter by time ranges and divisions. Risk Exposure module also provides another great tool to monitor the performance of your airline or airport's SMS program.

Data Analysis & Export

Managers often need to create a custom report based on a unique business requirement. SMS Pro has many real-time reports available to managers, but if we don't have a specific report, you can create your own using the Data Analysis & Export module. Filter by division or any of the visible columns. Full text search capabilities exist on data elements not visible on the screen, such as corrective actions, comments, investigations, etc.

Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures provides means to post and manage safety or other policies and procedures on the company "Web portal where employees and other stakeholders can easily access them. Auditors can easily see that policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis because SMS Pro reminds your managers whenever policies or procedures require review.

Safety Survey

One of the most important aspects of any airline or airport is to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.  To help safety management teams accommodate this goal, employees should be encouraged to cooperate in completing safety survey or safety culture surveys. Results from surveys can be compared to past surveys to determine whether attitudes change over time. Multiple Safety Surveys can be performed in SMS Pro. Industry accepted templates are available upon request.

Safety Newsletters

Safety newsletters are essential to spreading safety promotion activities. They come in various styles and the content may range from existing safety concerns within the company or a particular event that happened in the industry. Your safety newsletter reflects the safety commitment of the organization, starting from the top. SMS Pro has a built-in safety newsletter module that can target different user groups at your airline or airport.

Aircraft/Airport Status Board

Communicating in real time to employees has always been a challenge. When employees have a centralized location to review the status of aircraft, operational vehicles and airports, you can be assured they are aware of any recent operational concerns. Dispatch and managers can easily update these status boards.

Admin File Share

There are times when you want to create Web pages specific to a particular task, such as airport design, runway specifications or crew training materials. Your aviation safety portal may have several of these custom pages, each targeting a specific topic and user group, such as pilots, mechanics, dispatch, etc. Instead of putting these files in the large Document Manager, simply create a page and drop this module onto the page. Adding files is very easy and provides a Windows Explorer look and feel for finding files.

Popup Alert

There are times when users must be informed of specific hazards or events. Management frequently sends out memos or posts these messages on bulletin boards. Another effective method is to configure a Popup Alert on your safety site's landing page. Popup Alerts don't allow users to navigate to the next page until they close the window. Messages can target specific roles, such as pilots, maintenance personnel, or Dept Heads. Messages can be configured to occur once per user, a limited number of times, or indefinitely.

Financial Risk Analysis Charts

Complex, easy to use charting tools allow managers to quickly determine which types of issues are costing them the most time and money to manage, thus allowing them to make financial analysis recommendations. These drill-down charts get one to the heart of the matter and provide incredible amounts of visual information by having the data analyses performed for you automatically. Risk Analysis Charts and Risk Analysis Financial Charts share basically the same functionality. Risk Analysis Charts are broken out by "Number of Occurrences, and "Financial Costs" remain at the heart of Financial Risk Analysis Charts.

Public Issue Reporting

Hazard reporting software offers many benefits over a paper based system and reduces risk management time tremendously. Public aviation hazard reporting software provides users without valid safety program accounts a group of pre-defined, user-friendly online hazard reporting forms for reporting aviation-related hazards, accidents and incidents. Public Issue Reporting module has most of the features of the standard Issue Reporting module except users are not authenticated. External users access the Public Issue Reporting module from a link you provide these stakeholders, such as in an email or on your public company Web site.

OSHA 300

Under the OSHA Recordkeeping regulation (29 CFR 1904), covered employers are required to prepare and maintain records of serious occupational injuries and illnesses, using the OSHA 300 Log. This information is important for employers, workers and OSHA in evaluating the safety of a workplace, understanding industry hazards, and implementing worker protections to reduce and eliminate hazards. SMS Pro has the OSHA 300 series built into the risk management framework. Standard issue reporting using the OSHA reporting template in Issue Reporting is the easiest way to associate OSHA reports with reported issues in SMS Pro's risk management framework. Alternatively, users associate OSHA reports with existing reported issues. Logs for tracking all OSHA requirements are available as well as the annual report that must be posted at each establishment.

LOSA Suite

Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA) auditing modules begin with observations of front line activities built around the Threat and Error Management (TEM) concept. Observers identify threats to operational safety. Managers analyze data, identify and minimize the risks which are the origin of such threats and implement measures to manage the human error aspects of the residual risk. SMS Pro's LOSA modules provides a way to assess the level of organizational resilience to systemic threats in accordance with the principles of a data-driven approach. There are four pieces to this LOSA Audit suite: IPad or laptop observations, data cleansing and validating data, corrective action plans, and reports.

All Employee Letter

This is the letter to all employees announcing the airline or airport's intention to implement an aviation safety management system (SMS) program. High level details are important so employees understand the scope of the changes. Each airline or airport should have this letter in their files (especially if you have formal document management processes). New employees should review the Letter to All Employees to gain an understanding of the system when they are undergoing initial training.

Organizational Chart

Every aviation SMS system will need an organizational chart to display the chain of command within the airline or airport. Every org chart for the purpose of an aviation SMS program that we have seen is created using a hierarchical format. Your org charts help employees and stakeholders identify who has authority within your airline or airport organization. Org charts also allow employees to quickly see how many managers work in your company and what the chain of command is. 

Applicable Regulations

Applicable Regulations Manager allows SMS Admins to edit and to place links to regulatory agencies' safety regulations or to any special content approved by management. This configurable content may be unique to not only the specific industry, but also the specific country which your airline or airport operates.

Aircraft Status

Aircraft Status module allows pilots, maintenance personnel to manage aircraft and vehicles. Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) are available for associate with each aircraft. Employees can configure their own notifications that fire when the status of "items of interest" change.

Redirect By Role

SMS Pro's permissions are very granular. SMS Admins manage user permissions and in most cases, user roles dictate which functions a user is permitted to perform and which menu items are available. Business cases exist when you need some users to stay on a certain page, such as the User Dashboard, while other users are shuffled to another page, such as Reporting Issues. Redirect by Role allows Administrators to handle this business case in the easiest way possible. SMS Admins attending the Advanced SMS Admin Training Course have the ability to use this module without contacting tech support.

Duties & Responsibilities

Everyone should understand their own duties and requirements regarding your airline or airport's safety program. Most SMS manuals have a section for Duties & Requirements, but how many of us like to go through boring manuals. Use Duties & Requirements of Key Safety Personnel as a training tool for new employees becoming inducted into your safety program. This safety module also serves as a quick reference for employees, contractors and other stakeholders.

Offline Weight & Balance

Many small aircraft operations have a recurring safety issue regarding performance of weight and balance activities before each mission. As most of us know,  the weight of an aircraft and its balance are extremely important for safe aircraft operation. Manufacturers design aircraft with specifications identifying aircraft  maximum weight and the limits within which they must balance. Offline Weight & Balance is configurable for small aircraft to large aircraft. Store weight and balance sessions while in offline mode to synchronize with the database the next time the pilot comes online. For managers needing proof that their pilots are conducting weight and balance calculations before flight, this module is a must.

Vendor Vehicle PDF Report

Leasing aircraft is a very common practice today. Most contracts state that aircraft owners must be notified of any safety or operational issues relating to their aircraft. In most cases, airlines and charter operators do not want to give aircraft owners free run of their safety program, as there may be sensitive information that operators do not want their vendors and/or aircraft owners to see. Vendor Vehicle PDF allows SMS Admins to configure a page of reported issues that is accessible by anyone who has access to a link. This link is provided to specific aircraft owners that has any issues reported that relate to only their aircraft.

Vendor Management

SMS Pro's Vendor Management module has many purpose, but the primary purpose is to include your vendors, suppliers and contractors in your risk management program. Very often, vendors or suppliers are related to reported aviation accidents and incidents. Their employees may have been at fault, or the fuel or equipment may have played a role in the aviation incident or accident. Vendor management should not be overlooked in any airline or airport safety program.

General Issue Viewer

Employees are curious as to what types of safety issues are being reported at your airline or airport. Giving them a glimpse into the nature of your reported issues helps promote safety awareness and encourages hazard reporting. General Issue Viewer allows users to conduct their own investigations into desensitized data. Changing your safety culture starts with education and awareness. This is an important module that should not be overlooked.

Classification Report

Managers often need a list of all issues that were of a particular type, such as employee injury, bird strikes, etc. Classification Report allows managers to browse categories that issues have been classified as, such as:

  • Type of Issue
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Proactive Hazards
  • Mission Delays
Quickly export reports to PDF.

Corrective Preventive Actions Manager

Corrective Preventive Actions (CPA) Manager allows managers to see at a glance all the corrective actions. By default, these CPAs are sorted by those overdue at the top. Managers can easy notify responsible managers that CPAs are overdue and need action. Items are escalated to the Safety Committee should the CPA be stalled and the manager is unable to complete the CPA in a timely period.

Bulk User Import

Good Human Resource software packages allow integration with third party software tools or will offer a data export feature to put all personnel data into a csv or MS Excel file. SMS Pro can import users and their contact information into the database, thereby saving SMS Admins many hours of labor. Bulk user import is used during the initial setup for larger companies and for flight schools. Flight schools often have transient personnel moving through their system. Bulk user import allows flight school SMS admins to stay on top of this burdensome chore.

Aircraft-Pilot Resource Scheduler

Airline and airport managers that manage resources, people or projects on a day-to-day basis need a simple, visually appealing software module to schedule resources and plan time. SMS Pro's Resource Scheduler is built with every industry in mind with a generic, configurable platform which you have full control over to tailor. Multiple resource scheduling calendars can be added to your aviation safety portal. Separate pages can setup with special permissions based on roles. Examples include aircraft, pilots, maintenance, vacation time, etc.

SMS Pro Documentation

This module contains the most current documentation for all SMS Pro modules. Developed in 2014, SMS Pro Documentation module centralizes the storage of SMS Pro module information in one location, thereby preventing helping to ensure everyone receives the same information.

Use SMS Pro Documentation for initial and recurrent aviation SMS training. The layout places videos on the left side of the page and the text documentation on the right. A separate SMS Admin section has been created to allow SMS Admins know what affects them. This saves users time in allowing them to focus only on tasks that they can manage. The SMS Pro Documentation module is also integrated into the SMS Pro application. In the past, this content has always been hosted on another dedicated Web site.