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Safety Assurance Modules

What is Risk Monitoring?

To understand risk monitoring, we must first understand the process of risk management.

Here is a quick view of a typical risk management process in SMS Pro to illustrate an example of risk monitoring:

  • Employees/stakeholder report aviation incident or accident
  • Safety manager is notified via email or text message
  • Safety manager reviews aviation incident/accident
  • Safety manager (or safety team) conducts risk assessment and classifies incident/accident
  • Safety manager assigns incident or accident to responsible department head
  • Department head manages corrective preventive actions
  • Safety manager automatically notified when all corrective preventive actions  are completed
  • Safety manager performs final risk assessment, ensures all investigations are closed
  • Safety manager sets a future review/validation date
  • Safety manager closes issue

Why Perform Risk Monitoring?

After an aviation-related accident or incident has been closed, it is often impossible to determine whether the corrective preventive actions (CPAs) are effective and continue to remain effective. There are many factors at play in the aviation environment and it is not always easy to understand their relationships. CPAs that were effective in one situation may not always be effective in another situation or time frame. For that reason, safety managers must continue to monitor risk and review these issues after they have been closed. It is common for aviation incidents and accidents to be reviewed six to twelve months after they have been closed.

How to Perform Risk Monitoring?

In the perfect world, safety managers have tools, such as SMS Pro's Issue Validation and Threshold Trending modules to monitor risk and alert safety managers when problems occur. In these situations, safety managers would either reopen the related issue or submit a new issue.

The Issue Validation module alerts managers when closed (or open in some cases) aviation-related incidents and accidents are ready to be reviewed (or validated). When the validation date approaches, safety managers receive an email alerting them that the issue requires review. Safety managers then navigate to the Issue Validation module to conduct a "review risk assessment," and document whether the implemented corrective actions remain effective. Optionally, safety managers may with to set another review date to continue the risk monitoring process. When safety managers no longer wish to continue risk monitoring a particular action, they can choose an option to never review the incident again.

Other SMS Pro Risk Monitoring Features

During the risk monitoring process, there may be times when safety managers relate reported issues to other issues in the system. This relation allows safety managers and department heads to review implemented corrective actions and determine whether they remain effective. When safety managers identify related issues during the risk monitoring exercises, he may escalate the identification of these issues to all managers associated with the related issues. This is a very powerful feature. Each related issue would then be validated again once additional CPAs were implemented and the risk monitoring process continues.

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