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Hazard Reporting

Hazard Reporting

This module gives employees a simple, efficient, and secure method of reporting any type of workplace event, including safety, security, quality or compliance.

Corrective Preventative Actions

By default, CPAs are sorted by due date, with overdue items at the top. Responsible managers can easily be notified that CPAs are overdue and need action.

Issue Manager

Use Issue Manager to conduct risk assessments, classify issues, manage corrective actions, conduct investigations and more.

Issue Validation

The Issue Validation module alerts managers when closed (or open in some cases) aviation-related incidents and accidents are ready to be reviewed.

Risk Analysis Charts

Without classifying issues, your airline or airport's management team will not be able to maximize the benefits of your safety program.

Gap Analysis

A gap analysis is a process that airlines and airports use to determine what steps or elements are missing from a desirable state of existence.

Proactive Hazard Analysis

The key to airline and airport system safety and effective risk management is the identification of hazards, and the mitigation, control or transfer of risk.

Hazard Register

Good hazard management requires a proactive approach, staff involvement, and regular reviews of risk controls' effectiveness.

Airport Inspections icon

Airport Inspections

An effective self-inspection program enables an airport operator to operate in compliance with regulatory standards on a day-to-day basis.


Audit management tools help to plan and process audits, and monitor corrective preventive actions that were determined as being needed after aviation-related audits' findings.

Safety Workspace

Safety Workspace

Users will also need a central place to find information on safety manager(s), personally relevant safety incident information, company goals and objectives, and the CEO commitment to safety.

OSHA 300

Under the OSHA regulation, covered employers are required to prepare and maintain records of serious injuries and illnesses, using the OSHA 300 Log.

Meeting Manager

Meeting Manager supports fully paperless meeting automation. Users easily schedule meetings and send agenda notes to attendee groups.

KPI Trend Monitor

SMS Pro's KPI Trend Monitoring module allows your operation to normalize your KPIs against industry norms or others in your industry sector.


Our User Dashboard features up to 37 real time, responsive, and critical safety reports to use as a safety data hub.

Document Manager

The product we provide in the hosted SMS Pro is Document Exchange. If we install SMS Pro for you, then we will also add this module per request.

Data Analysis & Export

SMS Pro has a high quality Data Analysis & Export module that allows you to export your data from the SMS Pro database and conduct your own MS Excel data analysis.

Lost & Found icon

Lost and Found

Keeping track of lost items and returning them to their owners will set you apart from most airports, and provide outstanding customer service.

Duty Officer Log icon

Duty Officer Log

The Duty Officer Log allows you to quickly document such happenings, classify them, and generate reports to see what trends exist for various events in your airport operation.

Security Officer Checklists

Security Officer Checklists

The Checklist Manager allows you to create, use, schedule, and document regularly used checklists. Of course, this checklist is web based - no paper, no data entry, no hassle.

Vendor/Tenant Management icon

Vendor/Tenant Management

With SMS-Pro, you will have a vendor-hub to manage all vendors’ information, ratings, and related safety issues.

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