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Enhance Airport Safety

Enhance safety and achieve regulatory compliance using industry tested, pre-configured processes and best practices.


Reactive, Proactive, & Predictive Safety Management Tools

Tools for every needed aspect of safety, resulting in a complete and mature airport safety management system.


Comprehensive Resources

Tools for every airport's needs, from airport safety management, to quality management, to security management, and more.

Popular Airport Safety Modules

Hazard Reporting & Management

Issue reporting and management is the cornerstone of safety improvement in SMS programs. With SMS-Pro, you will have over a dozen predefined, mobile friendly reporting forms at your fingertips to acquire all needed information. Our issue management module is modeled after an ICAO compliant SMS, provides notifications that task-manage for you, and guides you through the management process in a straightforward, industry tested and proven process.

Duty Officer Log

Airports are large, complex operations. Many things happen that you, other managers, and officers on duty need to be documented, but not necessarily managed like a safety issue. The Duty Officer Log allows you to quickly document such happenings, classify them, and generate reports to see what trends exist for various events in your airport operation. 

Security Officer Checklists

Many routine tasks are needed to facilitate secure operations in airports. Checklists are the best way to maintain consistent, manageable behavior for such routine tasks that easily lead to complacency. The Checklist Manager allows you to create, use, schedule, and document regularly used checklists. Suspicious activity and breaches in security can be submitted as safety issues with a single click. Of course, this checklist is web based - no paper, no data entry, no hassle. 

Vendor/Tenant Management

Airports can have many sub-contractors, tenants, and other vendors. With SMS-Pro, you will have a vendor-hub to manage all vendors’ information, ratings, and related safety issues. Moreover, this hub allows you to easily communicate with your vendors, and provide relevant safety reports. 

Airport Inspection

Staying compliant is extremely important for airport reputation, finances, and safety. Having a predefined, consistent way of inspecting your airport for compliance is the best way to ensure that your airport is meeting oversight expectations. The airports inspection is built to FAA compliance standards, and allows your internal team to quickly and easily identify areas non-compliance, report them as issues, and document inspection operations.

Lost and Found

Airports are busy places. People lose things all the time. Keeping track of lost items and returning them to their owners will set you apart from most airports, and provide outstanding customer service. Moreover, it increases efficiency of your workforce by allowing your employees to spend less time searching for and tracking lost items. With the lost and found module, lost-item information is documented in one easy to access place across multiple locations. 

Why Choose Us

Web Based

You will have a web based safety management system software that is safe, secure, reliable, regularly updated, and data that is extensively backed up.

Easy to Use

You will have workflows that are designed by aviation safety professionals, for safety professionals all over the world, that have been industry tested and proven for years.


You will have countless configuration options, allowing your aviation SMS software to fit your airport's specific safety, quality, and compliance needs.


You will have the most powerful airport safety management system software available, that is used by over 100 other service providers around the globe. See for yourself.

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